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BASTION Fortress built with impetuousness sepia walls against human dread a place to protect the empire the prison, the artifice of our battles enormous fear sculptured by the men’s insolence supported by gods and time Cronos’ eroded hand an imposing dead creation of unbreakable face shield a petrified mantle made to the measure of our weakness drown in its perished density preserving sublime stone materialised arrogance to move apart humankind specified by colour and price every culture loses its temperance anthropocentric fables… Noyée dans sa densité périssante préservant la pierre sublime dans l’acte de sa terreur elle prétend á s’effondrer in the act of its terror claims to collapse …to rape innocent minds a lullaby to soothe your pride the sun turns around us until the opposite is verified!
WHINE Alack! Oh beautiful auld lang syne! Æsthete knight Knight from the bosk Where I bemuse to the trees With my bemoaning. I bethink the sounds of the swords I could not save his life Woe is me! The waylayer fathomed his bosom Perfidious man he’s in war. He left to the inferno My brave warlike… “The obscure of evil coverth my sword, The enemy defeath me, Oh! Walkirya come to me… Only in Walhalla will I rest in peace”. He left.
LABYRINTH Two hundred years, roaming the world forgetting the way they told me all the fairy tales are lies still reaching for something that never was mine In a silent dream, I saw the world it burned, I never thought we were so lost It’s a labyrinth Why are you so cruel? don’t you see the transparency of these walls it is a smile, a touch throughout time, I wander just as you do and I watch you We’re living a lie! Now, no escape, and no way out If you stride along these glassy walls we belong here, no tide to turn Unfold our wings, stride, walk beneath the mirror walls our hearts beat And just like us, they’ll never find the way to solve the labyrinth.
KEIN SCHMERZ „Lat belíben den mortlîchen Zorn”… …Hat mir der Weise gesagt Der Duft der Wut ertränkt mich leichend sind meine Hände der Duft der Wut lange zeit habe ich die Trägheit wie ein Kleid getragen lange zeit habe ich die Trägheit wie ein Kleid getragen, ach! die Wunden quellen aus meiner Haut hervor aber die Sterne glänzen immer noch Ich fühle keinen schmerz für meinen Geist besthet Lebensgefahr in der Dunkelheit vergesst mich nicht, Meister! Weisheit ist tot nichts überlebt in der Traurigkeit „Dîn úbermuot dich hát betrogen”.
NEELAKANTA Hear the ancient battle! a churned ocean’s invasion a poisoned elixir’s egression Lord of destruction immersed in placid opium dance to the rhythm of drums oblivious of the world Om Namah Shivaya A poisoned elixir overflows my throat a destructive nectar of deepest darkest notes Dissolve to create! death is a fact of birth the Samsara turns through consciousness The intent of immortality of devas and asuras unveil the misery Lord of destruction immersed in placid opium dance to the rhythm of drums.
IXQUIC Hun-Hunahpú Dost thou desire my ancient flesh tasteless flavour of emptinessI saw the montain’s arise and grew up nodes into life Ixquic Keje’ k’ut xa u k’ ajol, Keje’ ri u chub’ U k’axaj U k’ oje’ ik Kanurayij We u k’ajol ajaw, we puch u k’ajol na’ol, Aj ucha’n Kanurayij (Translation)Thus merely his son, like his saliva His spittle His essence I do desire it If his son lord, If also his son sage, Master of speech I do desire it Narrator In pernicious fury burns her father’s pride death is the price of dishonour Hun-Hunahpú Lascivious fluid drop on thine hand distilled substance of immaculate kind Narrator sacred oils of hidden virtue overwhelm thine chaste womb a fallacious fruit as hart shalt thou give as sacrifice! Hun-Hunahpú Lascivious fluid drop on thine hand distilled substance of immaculate kind Narrator Falaz efigie, fruto de grana arde flamígero, inefable corazón sangrante brotando en savia invulnerable. Fallacious effigy, scarlet fruit burns flaming, ineffable bleeding heart sprouting in invulnerable sap.
VIGIL The haze of night far moon rose above the trees no sleep for us we need to rest we need to find the way to reach the clearing I can not breathe until this stops within myself I’m fighting to believe This is not over you´re walking this fuzzy line this is your vigil hold on, ’till it’s time - Are we lost - in this fight? - will we find the day? - There’s no other way. - Deception! - Listen to me! This is not over you’re locked in uncertain line this is your vigil hold on, ’till it’s time.
IN THE WOODS Jaya râdha-mâdhava kuñja-bihârî gopî-jana-vallabha, giri-vara-dhârî Yas’odâ-nandana braja-jana-rañjana yâmuna-tîra-vana-cârî. (Translation) All the glories to Râdhâ and Mâdhava’s divine pastimes The Lord of the gopis lifted the Govardhan hill dear to Yasoda, loved in Vrindâvana at the Yamunâ, He wanders in the woods.
QUAERENS QUEM DEVORET Frialdad del invierno ruge rebosante voraz hambre y sed rostro demacrado montañas blancas la nieve en la estepa la diva duerme… sicut leo rugiens …la hija del viento se cierne circuit quaerens quem devoret quaerens, quaerens quem devoret el cierzo… quaerens, quaerens quem devoret un soplido del cielo un arranque del tiempo la espera el desespero despierta la bestia descubre su cuerpo inhala su aliento. el grito macabro de dientes punzantes de sangre bermeja descubre su cuerpo inhala su aliento quaerens, quaerens quem devoret estalla en ira devora la presa.
ZEERGENTIIN SHIL Зээргэнэтийн шилд Зэрлэг буга л урамдана Зэрэгцүүлэн өсгөсөн Их бага хоёр загал морь Их л загал нь байзаарай Ижил л юундаа яараа вэ хө (Translation) In the pasture of savage deer of downhill of “Zeergent”, my big and small horses are bred together.Please wait, my big horse, are you in a hurry to see your mate? Please wait, my small horse, why are you in such a hurry?Let me wait untill the snow melts and the deer of Taiga bells. Let me wait untill the cuckoo and birds sing and the blue fog diminishes.


released September 20, 2012

Isabel Restrepo: voice, sitar, harmonium and composition
Hamlet: voice, bass, guitar, keys, programming and composition
Daniel Díaz Ordoñez: guitar and composition

Guest musicians
Andrés Silva: piano, programming and arrangements
Juan Robles (Dark Angeluz): drums
Steve Vanderperren: drums
Erik Vochten: spoken voice
Janina Stork: spoken voice
Isadora Cortina: voice
Thomas Hubert: growling voice
Bolorchuluu: ethic voice
Dimitri Boyd: Vietnamese jaw harp
Nick G. Coward: voice
David Rivera: electric violin
Juan Carlos Henao: growling voice

Visual art:
Cover album by Marcela Bolívar
Logo and booklet desing by Carlos Jácome
Booklet photography by Mariya Frantseva
Cover and logo concept by Isabel Restrepo

Model Isabel Restrepo


all rights reserved



Fabulae Dramatis Antwerp, Belgium

Fabulae Dramatis was formed in 2011 in Antwerp, Belgium. In 2012 they released their debut album Om. Followed this year by their eclectic second album, Solar Time’s Fables.

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